datestampUSEMonday, March 31, 2008


I'm up to my ears in unpacking, homework, laundry and all the other lovely things that mothers look forward to post-vacation, so I don't know if I'm going to be able to pull off my planned April Fools trick. I thought I'd share in case anyone else finds themselves NOT in my time-crunch predicament and have a chance to serve the kids an unexpected after school snack. Here's the recipe for Sweet Sushi that's sure to fool them.


photo credit to YHO

datestampUSESunday, March 30, 2008

G'night Palm Springs

A great photo Bryce captured last night...the kids eating an ice cream cone in their pjs by the pond. We're home now safe and sound...and freezing. It's 38 degrees and we've got to wake up in the morning to school and work and life; not to mention our final push until the end of the school year. Welcome home.


datestampUSESaturday, March 29, 2008

King of the One Liners

I've never known anyone who can zing out a one-liner as well as Bryce...his blog is full of them, so I had to give him some link love on my favorite California post. Check it out here. And see the kids at In N Out here.


Our Night Out

For those who inquired, our night out started with this:

Spa La Quinta
followed by this
Roy's of Rancho Mirage
4 Stars for my hubby!


Current Crush

Time Flies! And who wouldn't love to watch it chirp away with this little lovely?


datestampUSEFriday, March 28, 2008

Your Hairyness

I wish I had found this card sooner...but now the beard has been gone for nearly a week. He wanted to get some sun on our vaycay to Palm Springs and he shaved it all off. So darling, it is a titch late but I just wanted you to know.... :)


Card via KisforKatie

datestampUSEThursday, March 27, 2008


Being swept off for a night out just for idea where we're going, but I can't wait.


datestampUSEWednesday, March 26, 2008

Fresh California Citrus

Oh how I love being in a land where sun-ripened fruit dangles from trees nearly everywhere I go...the culinary possibilities seem endless, especially for lemon anything. I've been thinking about lemon curd since my one year anniversary trip to London was this month and my favorite food experience across the pond was cream tea and the most delicious scone with lemon curd. I've researched around the web and the recipes aren't too intimidating. I might give it a go...


datestampUSETuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break Update

It's only Tuesday and we've already crammed a week's worth of fun into our spring break. On Sunday, we had an amazing Easter egg scavenger hunt followed by lovely church meetings. (Not to forget the tasty Easter dinner Grammy prepared for us!) Yesterday we made sure to have a non-stop party for Max's birthday...(I'm working on a collage of party pictures to post later.) The day of course included golfing and swimming and far too much sun. We are in Palm Springs after all! Today we took the kids to "The River" in Rancho Mirage and had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and then off to "Horton Hears a Who" - two thumbs up for sure. Each evening is always concluded with a dip in the pool. Ella, feeling rather sassy in her sunglasses and summer clothes, has a favorite saying this week which sums it all up - "Ahhh...This is the life."


datestampUSEMonday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to Max

Dear Max:

Four years ago tonight you came crashing into my world at an unexpected and hurried pace. (You always want it your way, don't you?) Soon after those torrential, painful, and frantic minutes - and minutes it was - life swiftly became serene and peaceful. It felt as though the world stopped for just a few days in order for us to become acquainted. I knew from the time we spent together, when you were just moments into this world, that you had my heart. Four years later, life with you still very much resembles those first moments that we spent together - unexpected, hurried, and frantic, mingled with moments of calm and serene peace. So it is with you Max Walker - our life and our family - and I couldn't possibly imagine it any other way. I love you.


datestampUSESunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter


datestampUSESaturday, March 22, 2008

Palm Springs

We made it! After finishing a lighting demo for my last photography class this morning, we jumped on the road and made it all the way here. It was a looong trip, but the kids were so great. (Gameboys and Leapsters are true angels sent from roadtrip heaven.) Even Miss J hung in there like a champ. We went from 37 degrees in SLC to 89 in La Quinta. Can't wait to wake up in the morning to this view. *Good Night*


datestampUSEFriday, March 21, 2008

Flip Flop season is upon us...

Okay, so we're officially two days into spring and I am desperately needing some new flip flops this year. Here are a few I'm considering...thoughts?


datestampUSEThursday, March 20, 2008

Amy Butler anything please...

Doesn't this contest look fun? (If you are a seamstress, that is.) Unfortunately, the deadline has already passed...Bryce just sent me the link to the winner. (Craft Magazine is an O'Reilly Media publication, hence the only reason he knew about it in the first place :) I think the bag that won is simply fabulous. Then again, anything with Amy Butler design makes my heart skip a beat...


UMFA Fieldtrip

Today I went with the 4th Graders on a field trip to the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. We were able to see the extraordinary exhibition "Suitcase Paintings: Small Scale Work by Abstract Expressionists" and also a wonderful solo exhibition of large-scale acrylic landscapes by artist Susan Swartz (a resident of Park City). It was a wonderful and enlightening outing and I loved spending it with Kalli and her friends.

datestampUSEWednesday, March 19, 2008

This is London...without AMR

With all the craziness that this week has brought...I've forgotten to mention the latest amazing business trip B has gone on without only consolation is the carrot he dangles in front of me for a trip to the UK together in August. Until then.....*sigh* :)


p.s. the image is from the newly released reproductions of M. Sasek’s classics “This is London."
I keep telling myself I'm going to start on this collection...maybe B will bring me one home?

*Update: I bought myself my own "This is London" along with "This is Paris" and "This is San Francisco" I'm feeling better already!

datestampUSETuesday, March 18, 2008

Wedding Party Jewelry

We're heading to a bridal shower for my niece, Alyx tonight. I am presenting her with two necklaces - one for her and one for her maid of honor. Her colors are turquoise and white. There are many still to be made and I am finding it challenging and yet very rewarding to produce a sort of a "collection" - where all the elements are cohesive, but not identical. I'm happy with the direction my "collection" is taking...and thank heaven she is too!


p.s. I had to include the me that is always the icing on the cake!

Rough Start

started off this morning with a 7:00 a.m. meeting at the school in an effort to support the SCC (School Community Council) members on the class size reduction portion of this morning's agenda - I'm afraid without more funding from the legislature, class size reduction will always be a reoccurring problem in our public schools...


p.s. hoping the day ends better than it started

datestampUSEMonday, March 17, 2008

Going Green on St. Patricks Day

I just had to share this great T-shirt my mom and I made for takes going green to a whole new level.
Reduce Reuse Recycle...bring our earth some good luck!


Leprechaun Tricks

On St. Patricks Day, the Leprechauns are known to be quite mischievous around our house. Some years they leave rainbow fruit roll-ups in the kids lunches, sometimes our pancakes turn out green, and other years they've left gold coins in hidden corners of the house. We never know what tricks they are going to pull on us. This year they came in and turned our milk green and told us if we drank green milk for breakfast we were sure to have a lucky day. Ours was, and we hope yours was too.


datestampUSESunday, March 16, 2008

Peanut Butter Easter Nests

Here's a yummy Easter treat that my kid's just adore. Best part - they take about 20 minutes from start to baking involved.

Mix and boil for 2 minutes:

2 c. sugar
1/2 c. milk
1 cube butter


1/2 c. chunky peanut butter
1 tsp. vanillla
3 c. quick oatmeal

Drop by teaspoons on waxed paper and let cool...when they are still slightly warm to the touch, form into nest shapes and place easter candies into the middle.

Makes about 2 dozen. Enjoy!


datestampUSESaturday, March 15, 2008

Drumroll please...

Play the video to see who the winner of my 1st blog giveaway is...and please don't fret if you were not the winner - I had so much fun, I plan on finding any and all excuses to host many more giveaways. Thanks everyone for all the fun comments! I plan on visiting all of your blogs soon...have a great rest of the weekend!


p.s. winner, will you please send me your address ( and I'll send out the earrings next week. Congratulations!

datestampUSEFriday, March 14, 2008

Last Call!

Just a quick reminder that today is the last day to post a comment for the earring giveaway (see March 10th post). It's been really fun to see some new names and faces on Show and Tell. We'll draw the name tomorrow morning (hopefully before our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt)! Good Luck!


datestampUSEThursday, March 13, 2008

Guess what Mom?

Kal came home from school today and was super stoked...

Kalli: Mom guess what we learned in Mrs. Teichert's today?

Mom: What Kal?

Kalli: We learned how to debate. Now think of an argument and I'll argue about it with you.

I've still got tears in my eyes over that one...


Off Broadway - Way Off

One of our kids' favorite thing to do is put on "shows" (I use the term very loosely) for Bryce and I. These usually consist of several dance numbers always in costume and usually accompanied by a comedy act (intentional or unintentional, I'm not sure). These days I seem to be going everywhere with my camera so I shot these at their latest production. Can't you just feel their energy? They absolutely crack us up.


datestampUSEWednesday, March 12, 2008

I Can Never Resist a Cupcake Photo Op

As I was going through my photos from the birthday dinner last night, I couldn't help but share these two shots of holiday cupcakes. The Halloween ones were made by Kristin H. and the Easter ones by Cami F. Aren't they amazing?



Dogwood Clothing is a local company that sells high-end, trendy boys clothing internationally. The perks of having such a great company in my own backyard are the warehouse sales! If you're in or near the area don't miss the spring warehouse sale March 17th-22nd @ 3855 S. 500 W. Suite F. in Salt Lake City. This is always a great "stocking up" sale for Max. Happy shopping!


p.s. If you're not in SLC, you can shop online @ and use discount code "local" to receive wholesale pricing

datestampUSETuesday, March 11, 2008

An Evening of Birthdays

Our church ward hosted an all inclusive birthday party this evening for the women in our neighborhood. 12 different people signed up to decorate tables for each of the 12 months of the year. I signed up for the month of June and had a lot of fun putting together my table. My favorite and least expensive tip...12x12 patterned paper for placemats. They added a lot of punch for very little cost - 69 cents each. I wish the picture of the painted branch in the blue vase turned out better. I found the branch on a walk last week and made Bryce haul it several blocks home. It was huge - at least 8 feet. He knows me so well by now, he just rolls his eyes and doesn't ask any questions :) I hope you enjoy these pictures of my little project.


p.s. Notice the glass bottles of pop from a previous post? I just love that idea!

datestampUSEMonday, March 10, 2008

My 100th Post Blog Giveaway

This is my 100th post, and I've decided to celebrate by hosting my 1st giveaway. I am up to my ears in jewels right now as I'm designing my niece's wedding party pieces and thought I might whip up a pair of earrings for this special occasion :) These lovelies are made from a gorgeous chartreuse disc shell and a lavender dyed fresh water pearl. (They hang on a silver fish hook.) What do you need to do to have these shipped right to your door you ask? Just leave a comment before Saturday, March 15th and I'll put your names in a hat and choose a winner (I'm thinking my small handful of faithful commenters have a really good shot here). Happy 100th post Show and Tell!


p.s. If your name is Marcy and it's your birthday today you don't even have to enter the contest because I made two pair and one is yours. Hope you had a happy day.

datestampUSESunday, March 9, 2008

I'm Blue for You

finding gems to match this lovely blue color has proven to be more of a challenge than I thought....Gem Faire, where are you when I need you?


datestampUSESaturday, March 8, 2008

Love Like This

I am a sucker for a great summertime song. I can't wait to roll down the windows and blast this song with the kids. Now we just need 80 degrees...


datestampUSEFriday, March 7, 2008

Need an excuse to throw a party

looking for table decoration inspiration and ran across this...who wouldn't want a sweet sixteen party this chic? My favorite part? The giant crepe paper centerpiece. I bet I could make one of those...


image via Hostess with the Mostess

Cool Find

I've always thought my brother Scott has the coolest handwriting. This website has been floating around several of the blogs I read and it converts your own handwriting into a font for only $9. I would NEVER do this because I hate my handwriting...that's why I do most things typewritten. But Scott, I think you should do this!


datestampUSEThursday, March 6, 2008

Our FAVORITE Breakfast

This is a fairly new product that we have just loved for breakfast this winter. The flavors are delicious and it has loads of fiber and whole grains. It is so simple to make - just add 1/2 c. boiling water. I also love to add a couple of tablespoons of milk and 1/2 banana or some blueberries from Costco (Costco has the best blueberries!). Just thought I'd share a recent favorite. What are some of yours?


datestampUSEWednesday, March 5, 2008

The beehive Bazaar

I just found out that this wonderful little boutique is having a spring show on May 9 and 10th. It's down in Provo but so worth the drive...have lunch at Ottavios on Center Street as long as your going. (I'm already planning the day, can you tell? Hmmmm a babysitter...) I got some lovely little lovelies at their winter show. It's one not to miss!


datestampUSETuesday, March 4, 2008

Life's Simple Moments

Max talked me into a game of Candyland this morning. How can I resist that face? We had such a fun time playing and it still cracks me up how different playing a simple board game with a boy is when I've had plenty of experiences playing with the girls. He likes the game pieces to karate chop and run into each other and this is something I'm still getting used to. (And he's almost 4!) What a lucky mom I am to be able to enjoy life's simple moments with my one and only Max.


datestampUSEMonday, March 3, 2008

Current Crush

*image credit to Twig

I have absolutely fallen in love with an online boutique called Twig. It was started by a mother of two who hand selects all the beautiful items in her shop. She has impeccable taste and I could easily take one of everything! I also like to pop over just to admire the graphic elements of her website...clean lines, crisp images, and contemporary colors. Simple and beautiful.


datestampUSESunday, March 2, 2008

F.C.A. = Future Culinary Artist

Kalli is getting quite accomplished in the kitchen. She is proud to add Tollhouse pie to her repertoire of dishes (I only helped with the pie crust.) Move over mac and cheese...a budding chef is on the rise!