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Sweet as Honey

A Report of the past week and other random things:

Dearest friends,  I have loved all your comments and emails.  I am so happy you are checking in at my blog and saying hello. It means so much to me now more than ever that I am so many miles away from what was once my home - and many of you!  I want to visit you on your blogs too - so if I'm missing any, please link me there.

If Ruby Jane were the first or second baby, she may have a lovely baby journal or scrapbook ;-), but since she's not, I have to write these little tidbits somewhere and it might as well be here.  You know how all babies have a smell?  Not the sweet scent of just bathed Johnson and Johnson pink (heaven knows how much we all love that) - but their own actual smell?  Ruby's is the most distinct of all my babies.  Of all things, she smells like HONEY.  The irony of the sweetness of her smell and the sourness of her sleepytime demeanor is not lost on me.

I had a major win this week and got Josie into preschool for next year.  She was previously wait-listed and we got in.  I'm so relieved...and it is the favorite choice among many of my friends.  Also, one of the most affordable - unlike the one closest to me that has a $6000/yr tuition!!!! Yep - the bay area is just as nutty and expensive as its reputation suggests.

Speaking of expensive, gas reached over $4.00 here.  How much is it where you live?

The leprechauns are waiting for the kids to go to sleep so they can start turning the milk and the toilet water green. (Leprechaun Bryce came up with that last one a couple of years ago. Leprechaun amr thinks it's a little gross.)  The kids are already prepared and have laid out their green outfits and silly green headbands.  I was going to make green smoothies for breakfast, but eating cold cereal (Lucky Charms, of course!) with green milk is their favorite part of the morning so I think I'm just going to bag it.  Sweet and simple.

My sister and niece went to Our Best Bites cookbook signing party last week.  I was so ENVIOUS!  We have been major fans of their blog for a while now... my favorites recipes are their sausage tortellini soup and buttermilk syrup (not together!)  I don't have their cookbook YET, but plan on getting it when we visit UT this summer. Save one for me Mo-mos - don't buy them all out!

That's it for now.


Jan said...

Hi Anna Marie! I think I already gave you our blog, but if not, here you go:
Three Boys and a Girl:

The Accidental Somebody said...

Good to see you blogging again...

Kim (Harris) Bieske