datestampUSETuesday, February 22, 2011

An Update

At some point, I plan to go back and post the crazy story of how we found ourselves in California; but its much too long and complicated and I'm still too tired a bit emotional to even think of spilling it all out.  That said, I would love to include a little update on everybody.  We're just going to move forward...

Bryce: takes the train (bart) into the office almost every day - (we live about 20-25 minutes east of San Francisco.)  He loves the consistency of a regular work schedule and we love having him home every night.  Honestly, we *love* it.  Our FAMILY life here in CA is better than ever.  He still tweets here and writes a venture blog here.

amr: can be found smooching with Ruby and laughing at Josie most days, missing my old friends/making some new ones, decorating the house in my MIND ONLY cause these late baby nights are not as easy at 36 as they were at 25. Happily hosting various family members who have visited almost monthly since the big move from UT.

Kalli: rehearsing for the lead in the school play (I'm soooo proud of her, but more on that story later.)  Blending her own personal style with California casual. Studying A LOT cause Jr. High is much more challenging than elementary school.

Ella: making friends, packing school lunches (she does it every night), loving Ruby - this girl is going to be some fantastic mama someday - but insists she's having only 2 maybe 3 kids.  Whaaaattt?  Don't I make it look so easy?

Max: loving daddy time so so so much.  Losing teeth and growing tall.  Being sweet. Going to loads of school mate's birthday parties.  Loves going into the city to dad's office.

Josie: soo funny and soo loud. enjoying a preschool class - never stops talking, loves all princess and girlie things.  Has broken more things than all the other kids combined. Yep, she's a swirlie, girlie tornado.

Ruby: first plane trip this month (Deer Valley), smiles so wide, up all night (still!), light as a feather - 14 lbs at 5 months. In spite of it all, having another baby in the house is the most magical gift to a family.

That's it for about you?  Are most of you all on Facebook, does anyone still blog?  How about Twitter?  You can find my tweets here.


Marcy said...

Thank you so much for the hearing how everyone is doing. And...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your house!!! Glad all is well for you in CA!

jan said...

Hi Anna Marie! I found your blog through Marcy's (Jan Gilpatrick Vokal from Cody). So, I check in and read your posts every now and then. Glad to see you're back. Always enjoy what you have to say. Take care!


Mindy said...

Your family is so beautiful. I must have missed somewhere that you had another child. She is beautiful. My daughters name is Ruby Jane. She is 17 months old. Enjoy your new home.

Aaron & Amy Norton said...

Anna Marie,

So glad to see a post from you, I check your blog from time to time. We are headed also headed in your direction...Sacramento Suburb called Folsom. We can't wait! The sunshine is calling me!

elisabeth said...

I'm so glad to see that you are back at blogging. Hope all is well. Loved getting all the updates on your cute family. Take care!

Anonymous said...

so glad to see you back blogging. I love reading them so much. oxoxox

jen said...

so glad you're back!!!xoxoxo