datestampUSEThursday, July 1, 2010

The Cabin 2010

Josie had a fantastic time "driving" the 4-wheeler all across the
 back porch...and as you can tell, Max was a great 
play-along passenger.
This girl is always willing to strike a pose.
Ella died and went to heaven simply from the fact that she
got to drive the 4-wheelers this year. Max is willing to pony on
the back of anyone driving the machines...
The kids got dose of the pioneer spirit by being hauled in a
wagon - Grandpa style.
A face only a mother could that marshmallow in her nostril?
....the other day, I saw a bear, a great big bear, the other day...
Perhaps you can guess who won this wrestling match?

This 12 point buck was definitely worth mounting.


The Moore's said...

Love the pics!!! Im convinced that we need a cabin!

G and G Smiley said...

You guys must have had a wonderful time in good ole Wyoming. Please come again next year and the year after that. We love it. oxoxox Grandpa and Grandma Smiley

Marcy said...

What great memories your kids are going to have of the cabin. I have a few myself... I love the mount pic...priceless! :)

jen said...

Oh yay! You're blogging again! Hope all is well in CA. Mis you!